Shipping Information

When placing orders, please remember that we do not deliver packages to P.O. Box based address. For this reason, we request our customers to provide complete street address, along with zip or pin code. It is our responsibility to get your order packaged in a secure way and get it delivered discreetly to your address. The size of the package will not be more than that of a regular envelope, providing you are ordering in moderate quantity.
In order to maintain optimum discretion, we also make sure the statement of the credit card used by you for purchasing our product will not contain any reference to Kamagra4all or any item that you have bought from our website.
If you place your order before xx:xx (from Monday to Friday), it will be dispatched right on the same day; but, it certainly depends on the payment status. If you place order after xx:xx, it will be dispatched on the next working day.
It is important to note that before placing your order at Kamagra4all, please make sure that the delivery address provided by you is correct and sufficient. It is your onus to provide the complete and accurate delivery address. In case the shipment or package does not get delivered due to incorrect address, we cannot be held responsible for the same.
Once you have placed your order at Kamagra4all, you will receive a confirmation SMS and an email as well. The SMS will contain the tracking number of your shipment; the email sent will also contain other details related to the shipment made. You can use the tracking number and check the status of your package. Please remember that deliveries will not be made on bank or public holidays.
The cost of shipping is something that depends on the delivery area. For this reason, when you place the order, please take a close look at the shipping charges (if any), particularly if your residing in some other country. In the case of overseas customers, Kamagra4all cannot be held responsible if the courier company asks the customer to pay extra duty.

How do we calculate the shipping costs?

There are various methods of calculating the shipping costs and it is made on the basis of variety of factors. It includes the package size, package weight, origin country, destination country, and the additional shipping options like the tracking and insurance. It is very difficult to compare the services with the other websites as every business will have their own unique business variables. So, keeping in mind all these things we start our own business shipping for the products. The shipping costs are developed keeping in mind the budgets of the customers in the most appropriate manner.

Considered the margins - To be a successful at e-commerce, we have made some of the things to make it better for the customers in the most appropriate way and that too at affordable rates. We have finalized all the shipping pricing and the strategies for our online store making it easier for our customers in the most appropriate manner. Along with the cost of the product there are various costs included in the product cost such as the packaging costs, shipping costs, customer duties, tariff taxes, credit card fees, and the profit margins.

Marketing and packaging - The main objective of the organization is to focus on the marketing and the packaging of the products to provide the customers with the best facilities and services to make them happy and satisfied Apart from the use of the medication, there are various other problems that makes it better for the customers in the most appropriate manner. This is the expectation of every customer and we focus on fulfilling the same. The packaging of the product is done effectively and the marketing is the major thing that makes the customers attracted towards our product in the most appropriate manner. Before the shipping of products it is necessary to package them safely that is meant for the best packaging options for the customers. There are various things that are kept in mind while the packaging of the products to keep it simple yet attractive for the users.  The orders are selected from the list and made available to ship. The shipment process is previewed with the help of the carrier, shipping services and the packaging things. The customers can print up the labels and the pains using the printer in order to direct the self stick of the labels of the customers in the best possible manner at affordable costs.